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Monthly Archives: June 2017

Get Garage Organized

Organise Items

If you feel like your garage is a lost cause, you aren’t alone. Start with going through all of your items. Donate items you no longer use, dispose of items that are damaged or ruined, and put everything else into categories. You can organise the items any way you wish. Just make sure there is a method to it so you can easily locate what you need.


You may be saying you just don’t have room for all that you need to keep! That is where garage storage area can make a difference. Shelving allows you to put everything into bins or containers on those shelves. You can label items so it is very easy to always find exactly what you are looking for.

There are many sizes to pick from when it comes to shelving units. Some of them are light, some are medium, and others are heavy duty. Think about the items you have and future items you may purchase. This will help you to get the right type. Slender and tall shelves can be great for limited space.

For items you use often, wider, and shorter shelves are a better choice. It allows you the convenience of easily reaching what you need. You can pick different looks with shelving too. There is no reason why the garage storage place shouldn’t help you to have a very appealing garage either!

Types of Materials

The two main types of materials you will find for garage storage space are chrome and steel. Chrome shelving offers wire style shelves which are appealing and easy to clean. There are different strengths of steel used for shelving units so always make sure you adhere to the weight limits.

Creating your Ideal Space

If you aren’t sure of the best combination of garage storage space, don’t worry. It is easy to get help with your dimensions in the garage and the various options. There is no right or wrong solution. The goal is to find something you like the appearance of and helps you to have a great looking garage.

Once you get everything organized, labelled, and put away, you are going to be very impressed with yourself! You are going to love the open areas of the garage that allow you to walk around. You may discover you do have room now to put your vehicle in there too! Always put items away after you are done with them so your garage stays neat and organised.

Ideas for Antique Lounge

  • Go to thrift stores or pawn shops and look for antique ornaments. Ornaments such as porcelain dolls, vases or tea sets. Curved porcelain vases with gold trim filled with flowers create a wonderful scent and ambience in the lounge. Porcelain tea sets with floral patterns and tea cups with beautiful curved handles give you that antique look.
  • Find an antique display cabinet. Look for a display cabinet that has a glass door, precision carved frames, as well as decorative curved feet and handles. You can display the tea sets or porcelain dolls in the display unit which will accentuate the theme.
  • If you have a fireplace in your lounge, you can place antique ornaments on the mantle.
  • Look for a floral rug with a bold border and place it under the coffee table. Also find a wooden coffee table that has curved edges and carved designs in the legs. This combination will look beautiful in your lounge.
  • Find floral curtains to drape on your windows. Try to keep the floral design similar throughout the design elements. If you select a pink floral pattern for the rug, then the curtains should incorporate the same colours. If you select random floral patterns for the different items in your lounge then you could end up with a cluster of patterns that don’t match.
  • Go bargain hunting for antique lounge chairs. If they are still in their original state then the wood frame should still be intact. The wood may just need a coat of varnish. As for the fabric, you may need to replace it. Take it to a¬†furniture upholstery¬†specialist to reupholster the lounge chairs. At this point you can select a fabric that matches the curtains so that you can keep the styling consistent throughout the theme. By reupholstering the lounge chairs you have the freedom of creativity.

Install Wooden Shutters

Each home and room is unique. The fact that you saw a beautiful house with or without shutters is not a reason for you to install or not install. The first decision you have to make is whether you need these shutters or not. Here are reasons why you should consider having shutters in your house.

Beauty- shutters are used to augment the aesthetics of a house. Wooden shutters add a flare of class when added inside or outside the house. The wood will fit into a traditional design because of its natural appeal as well as add a tone of class to modern designs. You will never get it wrong when you use wood for your shutters.
Privacy- the minute you close your wooden shutters, no one can see what is going on in your house. They are therefore perfect for town and even plantation houses. You will have full control over your life.

Value of the house- shutters are used to raise the value of a house. They give an impression of a meticulously built house. They also make the house to appear well cared for. This will drastically increase its value.

Protection against allergies- shutters are the best alternative to cloths and other materials used in manufacture of curtains. They do not trap dust and are easy to keep clean. They will therefore not expose your children to allergic reactions. You will never have to bring the curtains down every so often in order to clean them. They only require wiping periodically.

Long term- shutters are durable compared to curtains or other materials you might use. Wooden shutters will last for decades and even a lifetime without the need for replacement. This saves you money and makes them eco friendly.

Sound proofing- shutters are a perfect way to keep sound out of your room. Wood does not allow as much sound through as curtains would. This allows you to perform multiple functions with the same shutters.

Back Splash for Kitchen

The first back splash we will look at is that of natural stone. There are lots of natural stone types to choose from. The nice thing about natural stone is that you can match your back splash to your counter tops. Different types of natural stone are granite, marble, and slate to name a few. Some of the pro points of using stone are that it fits with most kitchen styles. Natural stone is also tough and very durable. Another pro is that most natural stones are a variety of prices that can fit into most budgets. There are a couple of cons with natural stones. The first one is that it will need to be sealed regularly to help protect against stains from grease, food, and water. Also, stone tiles tend to trap dirt and grime.

Pebble tiles are considered a modern version of stone tiles. This choice has a very rustic feel to it and also provides a textured, three-dimensional effect. One of the large pros of pebble tiles would be that it is affordable. Another pro of pebble tile is that it is easy to install. This could be a large draw for the do-it-yourself at home crowd. There are a couple of cons for this type of back splash. One is that it is difficult to clean. The other is that if you are installing it yourself, the grouting and cleaning can become very tedious.

Stainless steel is another back splash material. Using stainless steel can give your kitchen a very distinctive feel and it is also very durable. Stainless steel is also very easy to clean, and if the back splash is one solid piece, there will not be any cracks or grout. Areas that tend to collect grease, dirt, and food are seams and grout. Stainless steel can be installed as tiles if the one solid piece is not something that you want. In looking at the pros of stainless steel, it can make the kitchen appear larger by reflecting light, it is very durable, stain-resistant, and also resistant to corrosion. Some of the cons of stainless steel are it can dent and scratch easily. Another con is that fingerprints show plainly on stainless steel. Food and grease also show up clearly which means that stainless steel require a lot of cleaning. The final con is that it is a pretty expensive back splash option to purchase.

This next choice is a chalkboard back splash. This choice can give your kitchen a fun, homey, casual feel. It is extremely practical as well as affordable. This back splash is very easy to install. What a great way to post notes, appointments, or let the artist in the family go crazy! The pros of the chalkboard method would be that it is very affordable, very practical and easy to install, as well as all kinds of fun for the whole family. A con of the blackboard is that chalk dust can be a problem for cleaning and anyone in the family who maybe dealing with asthma, allergies, or breathing issues. This type of back splash may not be a good fit for all kitchen styles.