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Back Splash for Kitchen

The first back splash we will look at is that of natural stone. There are lots of natural stone types to choose from. The nice thing about natural stone is that you can match your back splash to your counter tops. Different types of natural stone are granite, marble, and slate to name a few. Some of the pro points of using stone are that it fits with most kitchen styles. Natural stone is also tough and very durable. Another pro is that most natural stones are a variety of prices that can fit into most budgets. There are a couple of cons with natural stones. The first one is that it will need to be sealed regularly to help protect against stains from grease, food, and water. Also, stone tiles tend to trap dirt and grime.

Pebble tiles are considered a modern version of stone tiles. This choice has a very rustic feel to it and also provides a textured, three-dimensional effect. One of the large pros of pebble tiles would be that it is affordable. Another pro of pebble tile is that it is easy to install. This could be a large draw for the do-it-yourself at home crowd. There are a couple of cons for this type of back splash. One is that it is difficult to clean. The other is that if you are installing it yourself, the grouting and cleaning can become very tedious.

Stainless steel is another back splash material. Using stainless steel can give your kitchen a very distinctive feel and it is also very durable. Stainless steel is also very easy to clean, and if the back splash is one solid piece, there will not be any cracks or grout. Areas that tend to collect grease, dirt, and food are seams and grout. Stainless steel can be installed as tiles if the one solid piece is not something that you want. In looking at the pros of stainless steel, it can make the kitchen appear larger by reflecting light, it is very durable, stain-resistant, and also resistant to corrosion. Some of the cons of stainless steel are it can dent and scratch easily. Another con is that fingerprints show plainly on stainless steel. Food and grease also show up clearly which means that stainless steel require a lot of cleaning. The final con is that it is a pretty expensive back splash option to purchase.

This next choice is a chalkboard back splash. This choice can give your kitchen a fun, homey, casual feel. It is extremely practical as well as affordable. This back splash is very easy to install. What a great way to post notes, appointments, or let the artist in the family go crazy! The pros of the chalkboard method would be that it is very affordable, very practical and easy to install, as well as all kinds of fun for the whole family. A con of the blackboard is that chalk dust can be a problem for cleaning and anyone in the family who maybe dealing with asthma, allergies, or breathing issues. This type of back splash may not be a good fit for all kitchen styles.